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Energy Saving Cooling Dry Machine

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[Product Description]
● Cooling Dry Machine is for speedy natural drying of Agricultural products, Fishery products,
   Medical herbs, Wild greens, Industrial goods.
● Maintain original & unique taste, color, flavor and nutrients of products. 

[Product Features]
● The technoligy using a dehumidified air to the drying 

   and each target item within the set temperature range of 15~60 degree C.
● Energy consumption is reduced over 50% compare to oil/electric high-temperature drying.
● Unmaned operation.
● Year-round use.
● Space-saving.

[Product Specifications]
● Trays: 630
● Racks: 25 (1,000x800x1800mm)
● Dehumidifying capacity: 60kg/H
● Dry Capacity : 3ton/one time.
● Electric capacity: 3phase 55kw
● Compressor: 40HP
● Size: 2.36.36sqm(m2)



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Energy Saving Cooling Dry Machine

Energy Saving Cooling Dry Machine