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Snowflake Machine for 100% Milk, Beer, Juice.

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  • Size430 * 730 * 650 mm
  • Weight75 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[Chris&Company, Inc. ]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Make snowflakes with milk
· Generates various types of snowflakes with water, milk, juice, beer, etc.

· Generates snowflakes and prepares the product within 20 seconds.

Sterilizes and cleans with hybrid water

· Nature-friendly sterilization using hybrid water with 2,000 times higher oxidizing

  power of ozone and the ozone (sterilization rate: 99% or higher)

· Displays excellent performance for sterilizing food poisoning bacteria and tubercle

  bacteria such as norovirus, O-157, and salmonella, and also for deodorization

· Supplies sterilizing water to ice storage and water guns to sterilize and clean the

  drum and ice storage

· Uses sterilizing water conveniently through the side water gun.

Generates snowflakes of the required quality

· Built with a three-stage ice quality adjustment program

· Convenient to use with the Ice Quality Adjustment button on the front side

 (Competitor products are difficult to adjust the ice quality of due to the use

  of a dial)

Convenient to use with a front touch panel

· Convenient to use with Milk, Water, Sterilize/Clean, and Ice Quality Adjustment


High quality product design

· Customers can choose the product color according to their taste, between black

  and silver
· Simple and elegant design.

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